Obama to Abandon Israel to 1967 Borders-It’s A Crisis We Can’t Let Go to Waste


The International body overseeing israeli-Palestinian peace talks will adopt the 1967 borders as the starting point, citing President Obama’s recent speech recommending just that.

Recently, the Palestinians formed the Hamas-Fatah-Palestinian alliance. This terrorist group seeks the obliteration of Israel and destruction of the West and our response has been to abandon Israel though President Obama denies it-he only wants peace and desperate times need desperate measures. Easy for him to tell another country what they must do. Read here: Terror

Yesterday, we reported that the Defense Department is trying to push through an arms deal with the tenuous government of Egypt, the same country that wants to end the peace treaty with Israel and only recently opened the Gaza-Hamas border. The same Egypt which is including, at President Obama’s behest, the Muslim Brotherhood in Parliamentary negotiations. Is Egypt starting to sound like it could be a repeat of Gaza? They will be given their freedom and then choose to not be free? Now, today, we have Bloomberg News reporting that the International body overseeing the peace agreement wants to use the 1967 borders as per Obama’s recent speech.

And, guess what, it’s a crisis they can’t let go to waste! Yes, just like the bailouts and the takeovers in this country, it’s our only choice because we must cower before the UN which wants to recognize Palestine’s borders. This is aiding and abetting Israel’s enemies since we are now saying almost the same thing as the UN and giving the UN authority and power superceding ours.We are abandoning Israel.

Recently President Obama said, “The borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states,” Obama said at the State Department in Washington. “Palestinians should know the territorial outlines of their state; Israelis should know that their basic security concerns will be met.” What swaps is he talking about and why swap? In any case, as Prime Minister Netanyahu said, the borders of 1967 are indefensible.

From Bloomberg News:  “… President Barack Obama’s proposal to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by starting with the 1967 borders will likely be adopted by the international group trying to find a peace agreement.”

More from Bloomberg News: …The meeting today in Washington by the “Quartet” — the U.S., European Union, United Nations and Russia — has taken on added urgency as Palestinians plan to ask the UN to recognize their state in a September vote. Israel and the U.S. oppose the move, which would raise political and legal questions.

The French foreign ministry said the Quartet meeting represents “one of the last chances to lay the necessary groundwork to resume negotiations and avoid a diplomatic confrontation in September,” according to a statement released Friday.

“They want to restart negotiations on the basis of Obama’s speech and the 1967 borders and use that as a way to convince the Palestinians not to go to the UN in September,” said Marwan Muasher, a former foreign minister of Jordan and vice-president at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington. “The chances of that are very slim,” Muasher said in a telephone interview.

The Obama administration restarted talks between the parties in September with the goal of reaching agreement on core issues a year later — a deadline now just weeks away. The talks quickly stalled.
Over the months since the negotiations ran aground, Palestinians have watched Arabs across the region drive change through massive protests, a stark contrast to the political paralysis that has characterized their situation. Read here: 1967 Borders to be adopted by International Group