Obama to Bypass Congress & Give $1.5 Billion to Muslim Brotherhood – Clinton Confirms


Update: 3/23: According to the AP, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton notified Congress that she will waive democracy requirements on $1.3 billion in U.S. military aid to Egypt Friday.

The AP  (I jokingly like to call them Associated Pravda) said, “The step has been criticized by some as ignoring democratic backsliding and human rights violations by Egypt’s military leaders.”

Is the AP even relevant anymore?

No one seems to care that the money is going to a military that seeks our demise and Israel’s. This is nuts!

The excuse is that we have to fulfill our part of the Israel-Egypt peace agreement so we can keep Egypt from starting a war with Israel. In other words, we are buying them off as we help arm them.

The funds were stopped by Congress because of the NGO hostage situation which included NGO Sam LaHood, son of the transportation czar Ray LaHood. Don’t forget that one American NGO chose not to return to the U.S. when the $5 million was used to “bail out” the NGO’s. There are also a number of Egyptian NGO’s who helped us and they were not bailed out.

Clinton and Obama have decided to circumvent Congress by providing the funds they denied. Currently there is no clear and satisfactory resolution of the NGO hostage situation. What are we getting for our $1.3 – $1.5 billion? I’ll answer that – we are getting a more heavily armed Egypt.

[Clinton informs Congress on Egypt aid decision]

Original Story: 3/22: Obama will give $1.5 billion in military aide to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood despite the fact that Congress has halted aide. He warned us that when Congress was not willing to act (agree with him), he would.

So where is Congress? Where is the media? I guess we can’t expect the Caliphate to prosper without some funds from the USA!  And why does Obama think he can ignore Congress? 

According to Breitbart/BigPeace, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will soon announce that President Obama will “resume funding for Egypt’s military, despite Congressional restrictions and objections from human rights and democracy advocates.”

The Brotherhood continually threatens Israel and we are going to give them $1.5 billion after cutting military aide to Israel?