Obama to Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline But We Always Have the Strait of Hormuz



Obama will shortly announce the rejection of the permit for the Keystone pipeline. TransCanada can consider working on and pitching an alternative route through Nebraska, according to WH sources.

TransCanada is already considering changing direction and dealing with China instead of us. They have invested millions into Keystone only to be rejected. It will be an incredible loss to the U.S.

Loss of the pipeline means the loss of 20,000 union jobs. The pipeline is safe for the environment as legitimate studies have shown.

As the same time as Obama is rejecting Keystone, he is letting the trans-Alaska pipeline dry up. Read here: Obama taking a hatchet to the Trans-Alaska pipeline

In other words, Obama is forcing us to become more reliant of enemy foreign oil, particularly that which travels through the Strait of Hormuz.

Obama will likely give his usual illusory reason of needing more time for something that has been studied for years.

In the end, his reason is purely political and ideological. He is supporting a very far left base for political reasons and because it is also what he believes.  It is a rebuke to the Republicans he claims he wants to work with.

Check out the Communist online paper Peoples World. Make no mistake, this is the base he is playing to.