Obama Tries to Get Arms Trade Treaty Ratified as a Parting Shot


Barack Obama is still working on his soon-disappearing legacy and is hoping to add prohibitive gun control to it by getting the Arms Trade Treaty ratified. It’s too late for one of his fiats. He tried to get this approved for Christmas 2014 and now, here we are again in time for Christmas 2016.

Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) released a statement on Obama’s new attempt at ratification, saying:

“Since 2012, many senators, including myself, have expressed opposition to the small arms treaty, citing an array of concerns with Second Amendment rights. Nothing has changed over the last four years to suggest the treaty is in our national interest, and it will remain dead in the water. I reiterate my strong opposition and will work with my colleagues to protect the rights of Americans.”

The stated purpose of the treaty is to regulate the $70 billion international conventional arms business. The treaty is supposedly to “prevent and eradicate the illicit trade in conventional arms and to prevent their diversion to the illicit market, or for unauthorized end use and end users, including in the commission of terrorist acts.”

This is ridiculous. The United States is not the problem in illicit arms dealing.

At the time that Kerry signed the treaty in 2014 the NRA warned, “This treaty threatens individual firearm ownership with an invasive registration scheme [and is full of regulations and requirements that are] blatant attacks on the constitutional rights of every law-abiding American.”

The “registration scheme” referenced by the NRA is a clear and present danger. This is because the ATT will monitor and control the movement of “small arms and light weapons across borders.” To that end, the treaty encourages records for “end use or end [users]” to be maintained for “a minimum of ten years” after the weapons reach their final destination.

This requires the creation of a database of sales records–which would include information on the weapons and the owners–and that information would be internationally maintained; after all, this is a UN treaty.

Firearm registration must proceed from the ATT to be enforceable. To stop the movement of “small arms and light weapons” across borders, agents must have a comprehensive registration on file.

This puts the UN in charge and usurps our Second Amendment’s authority.

In addition, Barack Obama, having signed this treaty agreed to:

Respecting and ensuring respect for international humanitarian law in accordance with, inter alia, the Geneva Conventions of 1949, and respecting and ensuring respect for human rights in accordance with, inter alia, the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

The Declaration of Human Rights is a communist Bill of Rights and has no place in any treaty he hopes to abide by.

Obama expects us to refrain from threatening the use of force:

Refraining in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations in accordance with Article 2 (4) of the Charter of the United Nations;


The Marxists came so close to having it all.

Obama loves the UN and anything Marxist. Adios Barry! Make America Great Again!