Obama Uses a Myth to Impose a New Fiat on Businesses


Barack Obama has a new politicized fiat to impose more pressure on businesses and to expand government’s reach. What is a big campaign issue more than a serious need, will put private businesses under a constant pressure to pay according to racial and gender quotas as opposed to job qualifications, experience, and responsibilities. It leaves businesses vulnerable to even more frivolous lawsuits.

Obama will require companies with more than 100 workers to add salary numbers on a form they already annually submit that reports employees’ sex, age and job groups. The new pay information would alert the EEOC to companies with significant wage disparities, which could result in lawsuits.

Obama focused on women in his speech Friday but race is also a factor and any other group the EEOC comes up with.

People want minorities and women to receive fair pay but since when does the government have the right to threaten businesses and tell them how they must pay people?

The White House claims full-time women are paid 79 cents for every dollar compare to male counterparts. It’s a myth.

The idea that women are unfairly paid lower salaries is a myth perpetuated by Democrats who use it to get votes. They like to isolate groups and then appeal to an entire group for their votes.

According to Pew Research however, the wage gap for young women has narrowed to 93 cents from 36 cents in 1980. The reason for this gap, the Pew survey shows is that women were more likely to say they had taken career interruptions to care for their family.

According to highly acclaimed career expert and best-selling author, Marty Nemko, “The data is clear that for the same work men and women are paid roughly the same. The media need to look beyond the claims of feminist organizations.”

On a radio talk show, Nemko clearly and forcefully debunked that ultimate myth – that women make less than men – by explaining why, when you compare apples to apples, it simply isn’t true. Even the White House report: Women in America: Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being explains why. Simply put, men choose higher-paying jobs. There are other reasons: men choose higher stress or higher specialization area jobs, men are more likely to take jobs that require work on weekends and evenings, men are far more likely to take work in uncomfortable, isolated, and undesirable locations and they work longer hours.

Nemko found that unmarried women who never had a child made more money than unmarried men.

That won’t stop Obama from continuing the lie to further the party’s leftist goals including controlling private business.

“What kind of example does paying women less set for our sons and daughters?” Obama asked.

The proposal would cover more than 63 million employees — potentially providing a new wealth of data for understanding the pay gap issue and determining whether certain workers are getting short-changed.

In addition, Obama renewed his call to Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would potentially close loopholes in the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and require employers to prove that pay gaps are due to legitimate business reasons, not discrimination.

The president also said the White House in May will host a summit — “The United State of Women” — to examine gender equality in America. This is an obvious vote-getting ploy. Everything Obama does is politicized and with an eye towards expanding government’s role in our lives.

Obama’s White House has a less than exemplary record on equal pay, according to a 2013 study by the American Enterprise Institute. They found that women working in the White House are paid 88 cents for every $1 a man is paid, slightly better than the national average. Then there is 2011 data reportedly found that female employees at the White House earned about 18 percent less than their male counterparts.

That ridiculous Lily Ledbetter law should have been enough but this is only about getting votes. Barack said that the typical Latino woman makes 55 cents compared to every dollar a white man makes. Well, hello, there are reasons for that. He picked out two groups to pander to here – women and latinos.

It’s highly unlikely men are doing the same job as Latino women and getting paid more. This is utter nonsense.


Get out the BS meter for this next statement.

“The notion that we would somehow be keeping my daughters … any of your daughters out of opportunity, not allowing them to thrive in any field, not allowing them to fully participate in every human endeavor, that’s counterproductive,” Obama said.