Obama Violates Immigration Law Again And We Have a New Federal Bureaucracy



Judicial Watch reported that Barack Obama is signing pacts with foreign governments to provide stringent workplace protections for illegal immigrants. The government is using tax dollars to pay for lawsuits and lawyers for illegal immigrants to help them win settlements against American companies and individuals in cases that are in many instances suspect or that have already been dismissed. There is a new government bureaucracy to enforce the agreements.

This month, the agreements, called A National Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), will be signed by Hondurans and they have already been signed by officials in Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, and India.

Hilda Solis
Hilda Solis

Under Obama’s first Labor Secretary, former California Congresswoman and a radical and powerful La Raza activist, Hilda Solis, under the auspices of the Department of Labor (DOL), signed a number of these “partnership agreements” vowing to protect illegal aliens working in the U.S. It’s much more than that however.


Illegal immigrants will be given whatever training and resources they need to secure their “rights.”

Illegal immigrants will no longer be called “illegal immigrants” but rather, they will be referred to as Honduran nationals, Mexican nationals, and so on.

As Judicial Watch reported, almost HALF of the rulings dismissing discrimination lawsuits have been reconsidered and overturned by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

It cost taxpayers $51.4 billion to settle discrimination claims that often had no merit.

It’s a clear violation of US immigration law and it an invitation for a lot more illegal immigration.

Solis even created a special division at the DOL to protect their supposed labor and wage rights.

The EEOC is out of control and aiding and abetting the president’s unlawful violations.

Solis referred to the illegal immigrants as “vulnerable” because she is inventing yet another class that is discriminated against even if they’re not.


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