Obama Wants a Deal with Republicans to Redistribute Wealth


another successful leftist idea

Photo of a typical leftist success story, this one at the Hostess factory

Obama gave a speech at an Amazon distribution center Tuesday and used that as a backdrop to reveal his plans for programs that allegedly help the middle class.  They are the same programs he launched in 2009. It’s Groundhog Day!

Obama used the speech to advise Republicans that he will agree to a corporate tax cut from 35% to 28% in exchange for taxes and bailouts to be used for temporary and part-time union jobs. He wants more teachers and bridges as with the first Stimulus. We should see the same questionable results.

Most small businesses now pay a tax rate of 39.6%, but, there won’t be a cut in their tax rate, only corporate rates.

In case you missed it, Obama is not supportive of small business, private business, and non-union business.

Corporations won’t make it despite this “cut” which is still higher than the 25% other nation’s tax their corporations. Obama plans to increase taxes on U.S. companies that operate abroad and to reduce business writeoffs for investments. They’re better off as they are.

Ironically, Obama is calling it a “grand bargain.”

Another irony in Obama’s choice of a venue. Amazon has put endless booksellers – small businesses – out of business. Amazon is the anti-small business company.

Obama also managed a dig at the Keystone XL pipeline. He disingenuously said it would create only 50 jobs. His own leftist State Department said it will create a minimum of 20,000 jobs. Most estimates say 40,000 direct jobs and many other indirect jobs. Last week, Obama told the New York Times interviewer that it would create 2,000 jobs. He’s having problems keeping his lies straight.

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