Obama Wants an 18% Increase in Post-Presidential Funding


Obama dufus

Barack Obama, who didn’t earn the money he has received as president so far, wants an 18% increase in money available to ex-presidents.

Barack is going to live in DC and one must wonder if he will use the money for what he does best – community organizing.

He put the request into the budget without even explaining where he came up with the amount.

This man will earn millions just to give speeches, something he loves to do. So why does he need this money?

via Free Beacon

Republicans in the House and Senate have introduced legislation that would cap annual pensions for former presidents at $200,000. Additionally, the bills would cut each pension by a dollar for every dollar the former president earns over $400,000 in the private sector in a given year. The measure was approved by the House in January with bipartisan support.

“It’s pretty simple. You want a retirement and pension, it’s there. But if you’re going to go out and make enormous sums of money, then you don’t need taxpayer subsidies,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah), who introduced the bill in the House, told ABC News in an interview.

“The former presidents are making gobs of money speaking and writing books, more power to them, but that doesn’t mean they need more taxpayer dollars on top of that,” Chaffetz added. “It’s embarrassing that they take that money.”

Why does he need this money? Please let us know what you think.

Greta was wondering why he needs the money.


    • I think he should get half of the increase and lower the congressmen’s salaries since they haven’t done anything but fight him since he’s been in office. Then they can afford to give us seniors on fixed income and the military a raise for a change!

  1. If he get 18 percent what and why can’t our vets mulitary can’t get pay raise they do more our country than our current president he golf s his family take multi vacations tax payers money I can see take couple times a year .also not for in laws ripping we the people off now he wants a raise

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