Obama Wants No Victory Over ISIL



Barack Obama does not want the United States to come out as victors against the Middle East radical Islamists.

This fact came out of a NY Times interview with Mr. Obama.

Pundit George Will addressed Mr. Obama’s alarming comments in an appearance on Fox News Sunday – video below.

Mr. Obama said he wants no victors in the Middle East and no vanquished as if that were anywhere near remotely possible.

Mr. Obama does not, and never has understood the nature of the enemy.

Mr. Obama is so determined to make certain the United States can never claim victory again that he will let ISIL win. ISIL only knows victory and they will not cooperate in a compromise. They are as evil as terrorists can get.

A child could understand that.

Obama wants to push ISIL back and as George Will says, “Back to where?”

Non-partisan think tanks and our CIA have warned that a third of the ISIL army hold Western passports. They are being trained to come back to the United States and Europe to destroy, maim and kill.

George Will also mentioned Barack Obama’s take on Putin which gives Putin the victory over Crimea.He wants to go back to a “cooperative relationship with Russia” as if Putin wasn’t intent on becoming a czar.