Obama Wants to Send U.S. Tax Dollars to Central America for Clean Energy


Barack Obama wants more redistribution of U.S. wealth to foreign dictators. Two days ago he said he requested a billion dollars in aid to be handed over to Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala for their prosperity. What about our prosperity?

Never mind that the governments of at least two of them are extremely corrupt. El Salvador’s president is a narco-president. Obama offered $20 million to the Caribbean nations for clean energy – that’s supposed to compete with Venezuela’s oil and another $50 million for jobs in those countries..

He’s very generous with our money.

He’s using climate change as an excuse to redistribute our wealth.

“We have to keep investing in clean energy that combats climate change. Uh…the United States is today leading this global effort along with many of you. agh…I should point out that America’s carbon pollution is near its lowest level in two decades. Across the Americas we have the opportunity to expand our clean energy partnerships and increase our investments in renewables,” he said.

Obama says we don’t have money to waste so he wants to spend it on clean energy in other peoples’ countries. His clean energy projects don’t work. Will he stop them?

There’s no one to stop him. There are no checks and balances so he keeps biting off more-and-more.