Obama Wants You to Know the Contempt He Holds for Americans



Barack Obama couldn’t take time to go to Justice Scalia’s funeral because, as expected, he was golfing. The golfing is meant to add insult to injury. He did mean to insult Justice Scalia and the large portion of the population who admired him. Make no mistake about that. He is a very deliberate, vindictive individual.

Barack Obama does care about the optics. He wants people who disagree with him to know the contempt he holds for them.

We had a taste of his vindictiveness via Josh Earnest this past week when he said the cut in the New York terrorism budget was to be expected because of Senator Schumer’s poor judgement in rejecting the Iran nuclear deal.

This vacancy left by the unfortunate death of Justice Antonin Scalia must not be filled. We have so much to lose.

One man has the power to stop it and unfortunately that man is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. People can contact him through his website.

Justice Scalia’s son Paul is a priest who gave the homily in honor of his father. It’s moving.



  1. The service was a beautiful tribute to Supreme Court Justice Scalia.
    Justice Scalia was admired and respected by many.

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