Obama Whines About the Fox News Bullies Who Actually Question Him


Obama crying

Barack Obama, tragically, is a victim of questioning by Fox News.

In Part Two of the O’Reilly interview of Barack Obama, O’Reilly asked Obama if he thinks Fox News is fair to him. Tragically, Obama does feel picked on by Fox News.

I can see why he’d say that, after all they don’t continuously tell him how great he is and cover up his mistakes.

O’Reilly asked Obama about Benghazi, the IRS, black families, the welfare state, and the ObamaCare website. How dare he!!! Just because he’s a reporter, he thinks he has the right to ask questions???

One outlet accused him of borderline racism. I can’t tell you how, it’s beyond me.

Mr. Obama thinks it’s unfair to ask him questions about his scandals apparently.

What has happened to our country? Reporters can’t ask honest questions?

It didn’t much matter, Obama lied his way out of every question, so what is he worried about?