Obama Wields the Power of a Feather Duster Over Egyptian Affairs


o for 3

Just coming off his wildly unsuccessful attempts to get Edward Snowden extradited, President Obama continues to assert the same non-influence over foreign affairs, only this time in Egypt.

First he told the Egyptian military not to depose Mohammed Morsi and they did. Then he threatened to take their aid away but that’s a loser. The Egyptian military could abandon the peace treaty with Israel, close the Suez Canal, and stop patrolling the Sinai Peninsula. Finally, on Wednesday, Obama warned the Egyptians not to arrest Morsi. The Army Commander not only arrested Morsi, he also arrested 300 other senior Brotherhood officials, including the Brotherhood Supreme leader, al-Badie.

Hopefully, Obama won’t tell them not to execute the prisoners.

Obama is 0 for 3. Someone needs to tell him to stop talking.

Obama recently encouraged the Austrians to stop and search a Bolivian plane he thought might be carrying Edward Snowden. The move was met with outrage. He has alienated Bolivia and Egypt in record-breaking time.

Egypt’s Army Commander, al-Sisi appears to have given the orders to arrest about 300 Muslim Brotherhood leaders including Mohammed Morsi who is under house arrest. Morsi was allegedly offered exile but rejected it.

Besides arresting al-Badie, security officials arrested his predecessor, Mahdi Akef, and one of his two deputies, Rashad Bayoumi, as well as Saad el-Katatni, head of the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, and the ultraconservative Salafi figure Hazem Abu Ismail, Associated Press reported.

Al-Sisi is solidifying control over the seats of power with these arrests.

Many more Brotherhood officials are hold up in Mosques with security guarding them.

The Muslim Brotherhood have called for supporters to take to the streets in protest this Friday after prayers over the ouster of their president. They say they are calling for it to be peaceful.

The new leadership has offered to include the Brotherhood in the new government, but the arrests will put a damper on that.

Egyptians are calling the Brotherhood terrorists. Morsi has arrested journalists and opponents of the regime. He has taken over the Parliament and the Constitution. He has fought with the judiciary and was about to seize power over the judiciary  when he was ousted. He has set up an Islamic regime and it is not what the people expected when they elected him.

Meanwhile, Adly Mansour, a low-profile judge appointed by Hosni Mubarek, has been selected to serve as interim president. He is known as a fair judge among his colleagues and he helped draft the election laws that saw Morsi come to power. He could be a puppet of the military who do not want to be seen as ruling directly.  They do not want the takeover to appear to be a sustained military coup.

Mansour’s job will be extremely difficult. Morsi left the country in dire straits. People are hoping Mansour will be inclusive of all the different groups within the country.

Information at the guardian uk