Obama Will Force Obamacare on Us With or Without the Individual Mandate


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If the individual mandate is struck down, the  imperial presidency will continue to move ahead with Obamacare. The individual mandate is the part of the law that mandates everyone carry health insurance and it increases the pool of money that they can draw from.

According to Rep. Paul Ryan, by 2030, Obamacare will account for 100% of our budget.

The Obama administration plans to continue with vast expansions of Medicaid; force improvements to Medicare as they scale back payments; and place more obligations on insurers and businesses.

Reducing payments to Medicare and demanding more will surely make doctors want to take on Medicare patients.

More demands on employers should also be great for business.

Two Democrats close to the Obama administration speaking on condition of anonymity told the AP that if the mandate is struck down, Obama will move ahead with most of the bill. This is not a surprise given Obama’s predilection for seizing control, ignoring the will of the people and circumventing Congress.