Obama Will Let Iran Get the Bomb


Years of sanctions, on-and-off negotiations, and self-deception have brought Israel, Iran and the U.S. to the brink of war. A nuclear weapon in the hands of Iran will, according to Ahmadinejad’s own threats, be aimed at the destruction of Israel and then the United States.

Until now, nuclear powers have been able to rely on the fact that they could always use a military assault – a preemptive strike – if all else failed. That seems about to become an impossibility.

Iran is enriching uranium. It is acquiring the technology it needs for a weapon. It is fitting out a uranium-enrichment plant underground in the mountains of Qom. Soon, nothing will stand between Iran and a bomb.

Leon Panetta, the U.S. Defense Secretary, has warned that Israel will strike while Obama worries about re-election.

Is war the answer? Other countries in the region will strike Israel as well if they attempt to attack Iran and it is uncertain that they will succeed, perhaps making matters worse. Israel has few if any friends left. It could bring the U.S. into a WWIII. Obama seems to like the Neville Chamberlain style of politics which brought us WW.

The prospect of a nuclear Iran appears to be a death knell for Israel. Iran’s Ahmadinejad, who is only a spokesman for the Mullahs, has said that he wants a cataclysmic event to bring back the 12th Mahdi. When someone says this, shouldn’t you believe them?

If Iran gets the bomb, which it most surely will if the U.S. continues its policy of self-denial, other countries in the region will feel the need to build a bomb so they can protect themselves.

A strong Israel and a strong U.S. have been able to keep the proliferation of weapons to a minimum. If we no longer have this power, the power will rest with radical foreign powers who want death and destruction.

I don’t believe Obama should have gone to war but he needed to use the toughest sanctions out of the box and he needed to sound as if he would go to war. Now he has left us in a position where Israel will have no choice but to attack because they are facing complete annihilation any way. They won’t let another Holocaust happen again.

I believe Obama is stalling to let Iran get the bomb. I think he believes that if we can have one, so can they. He is redistributing the power as well as the wealth of our once-great nation.