Obama Will Rule By Executive Order & Ignore Congress


The Dictator-in-Chief plans to rule by Executive Order according to the LA Times. Obama has been saying that since October. Actually, he’s been doing it since day 1, but he’s stepping it up. In October, Obama claimed he was going to do that until the poorly named “Jobs Bill” passed.

Obama does not want to deal with the Congress, as we all know, since he complained to the Chinese about having to work with Congress, expressing envy for their not having to deal with a Congress. A duly elected Congress is such a bother, really!

Obama’s going to limit his dealings with Congress (hasn’t he always?), and travel the country campaigning (hasn’t he always?).

Spokesman Josh Earnest said the following in a news briefing in Honolulu, “In terms of the president’s relationship with Congress in 2012 — the state of the debate, if you will — the president is no longer tied to Washington, D.C.”

I guess Obama never heard of the balance of power or the Constitution. His excuse for ignoring both is that they are do-nothings, which is never an excuse to run the government lawlessly, were it true, which it is not. It wouldn’t be the case at all if Obama led as the “reach-across-the-aisle” President he claimed to be.

From LA Times: As the year unfolds, Obama will use executive authority [editor bold] to roll out more initiatives designed to boost the economy and assist struggling families, the White House aide said. Obama has already unveiled 20 such measures under the White House’s new slogan, “We can’t wait.”

Earnest said that the White House’s goal was to contrast the image of a “gridlocked, dysfunctional Congress” with “a president who’s leaving no stone unturned to try to find solutions to the difficult financial challenges and economic challenges facing this country.”

In other words, he is doing what Soros’ Socialist Center for American Progress told him to do – ignore the country’s rule of law and make the Executive the most powerful executive branch in our history. I am certain he always had that intention, but now he is out in the open. He will rule by Executive Order, as he said, he is willing to pass the orders every day until the election. He also rules with powerful czars and out-of-control agencies answerable only to him.