Obama Will Sign UN Gun Treaty While We Are All on Vacation



Photo of Uncle Sam shot dead, most likely by a liberal

Jay Carney announced back in June that Mr. Obama will look forward to signing the Arms Trade Treaty. He would not give a date as to when the signing would take place. His excuse for the president not signing it immediately was that there were some language discrepancies that had to be worked out.

The fact is that the treaty will be signed at the end of August because the Congress is on vacation and so are many Americans. He will probably sign it late on a Friday or on a holiday.

The treaty doesn’t go into effect unless 2/3rds of the Senate ratifies it.

Jay Carney’s statement:

The Senate is leaning towards not approving this treaty but that will not stop Mr. Obama from moving ahead with implementation of parts of the treaty through executive actions or agency mandates.

He has been known to say that he will act when Congress fails to. His creed is that of a Banana Republic.

The treaty, if ratified, will lead, at a minimum, to a national registry.

The UN reassures us  – that is the socialist UN comprised of statists and dictators who hate us – they assure us that they are not trying to regulate our small arms. Do you accept their assurances?

We have a president who changes our laws when he disagrees with them. He is lawless.

Mr. Obama is a globalist. His ideas on globalism are alarming to any of us who value our sovereignty. This administration wants us to give up a ‘pinch  of sovereignty,’ as Samantha Power so aptly put it. Ceding our right to bear arms to the UN would be what they would consider a ‘pinch.’

Dick Morris has an excellent video that summarizes the situation well:

The only people who will have guns eventually will be the government and people who break the law. How secure does that make you feel? The false sense of security being sold to us by gun control advocates will have the opposite effect.

Not passing the treaty is hardly a done deal. You must contact your Senators. You can go to the blogroll on the right for contact information or use the Ammoland link to send a fax.

Ammoland: Select Here To Fax The U.S. Senate At Their Home Offices

It is very important to take this seriously. It is not a conspiracy and it is not hysteria. Words like ‘conspiracy’ and ‘hysteria’ are words used by the left to distract and disarm any opposition. They would say it is racist to believe in the Second Amendment if they could find a way to make that work in this narrative.