ObamaCare Allows Doctors to Work for Free


The American Medical Association (AMA), advocates for ObamaCare, have had to post guidelines warning doctors about an obscure rule that poses significant risk to them and their ability to make money.

One of the many hidden rules in ObamaCare allows individuals who purchase subsidized coverage through the state insurance exchanges to have a 90-day grace period before their coverage is cancelled for non-payment.

Insurers are required to pay claims for the first 30 days but not the remaining 60, putting the financial burden, incurred by people who don’t pay, onto doctors. The insured are considered insured for the full 90 days but insurers are allowed to place all the claims during the last two-thirds of the period in a pending status and retroactively deny them when coverage is terminated at the end of the grace period.

It leaves doctors at risk of providing uncompensated care. The AMA has been reduced to putting out published materials advising doctors how they can avoid this trap.

Since the ObamaCare bill has now expanded to over 10,000 pages of rules, we can expect a lot more of this.


When Mr. Obama said ObamCare was free, he forgot to mention that doctors might have to pick up some of the freight.

Doctors are evil anyway – they amputate legs to make more money:

Remember this?

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