Obamacare As Popular As Ragweed


Obamacare’s popularity is now at 34%.  Surprisingly, only half the Democrats like it.

Investors.com reports that The Kaiser Family Foundation has tracked support for Obamacare since its inception to find it now has hit a new low of 34%. Only one in five Democrats have a favorable view and just 27% of Democrats think it will make them and their families better off.

The constant failures from the nursing care fiasco to the 1500 waivers, to the temporary high risk pools, which do nothing for pre-existing conditions, has shown Obamacare to be very poorly conceived.

Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass it to know what was in it, and we have, and it’s all bad news.

Insurance premiums are up 9.5% this year, a reversal of a decades-long trend of lower annual premiums.

People are no longer buying the snake oil they are trying to sell.