Obamacare – Effects of Eliminating the Individual Mandate



If Sandra Fluke wants free birth control because they have so much sex that it’s unaffordable, then we should also be able to give drunks free booze because they have the shakes.

Obamacare was supposed to do three things –

1) provide health-insurance coverage for all Americans

2) reduce insurance costs for individuals, businesses, and government

3) increase the quality of health care and the value received for each dollar of health-care spending

That went well! It has done none of those things and it is a failure of tragic proportions if it is not eradicated.

Obamacare has endless numbers of bureaucrats writing endless new rules and generating endlessly more bureaucratic jobs. All those bureaucrats will decide your healthcare – it’s the Utopian healthcare system. Even though CBS buried this information, their most recent poll that shows 57% are against the Obamacare mandate  (Read about it on Newsbusters since CBS has hidden the poll). These mandates will keep on coming.

One of the most important aspects the SCOTUS will consider next week as they review the constitutionality of the individual mandate which is the imposition of a financial penalty on people who decline to buy insurance.

Senior Advisor for Health and Human Resources Jessica Banthin’s Presentation at the RAND BGOV Event on the Individual Mandate –