Obamacare Ends Affordable Premiums and Charitable Hospitals


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In addition to unaffordable premiums, people can look forward to watching the charitable hospital meet its demise under Obamacare.

I am cross-posting with Cry and Howl about the blog author’s experience with the Obamacare exchange. It should alert people to what lies ahead when and if they ever get on the exchanges.

This is his experience:

I pay a little over $1,000 a month for health-care insurance. 70% paid after I meet a $5,000 deductable. (my company reimburses $2,500 of that) $15,000 out of pocket (family)

I went to Healthcare.gov to see what I could get and this is it:

Bronze: about $1,550 a month … $11,700 deductable … $12,700 out-of-pocket (pays 60% after meeting deductable)
Silver: about $2,015 a month … $7,540 deductable …$12,457 out of pocket
Gold: $2,278 a month …$4,050 deductable … $9,314 out of pocket

I make a decent living and I can barely afford health insurance. I hate to see what people of lesser means are facing. And to think they are forced to buy that crap!…read the entire post at Cry and Howl

Obamacare is quite the bargain. People are receiving notices that they will double and triple their premiums if they want to keep their doctors and hospitals. They can find cheaper rates but they need to go small exchanges with doctors and hospitals who accept low fees – the choices of doctors and hospitals are few. I find that concerning.

I still can’t get through on the website myself. They let me sign up for an account and now won’t let me sign on. I don’t want it anyway. I have no intention of giving them 60 pages of my most personal information.

In addition to putting unaffordable healthcare on the fast track, Obamacare will put an end to charitable hospitals.

The Daily Caller posted an article on October 8th about the end of charitable hospitals. What could possibly go wrong with that?

The government is going to install new fines on hospitals that take in charity patients.

Under Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code which takes effect under Obamacare, nonprofit hospitals will undergo new bureaucratic scrutiny of their status and face massive new fines. These are hospitals that service the poor and uninsured. They account for 60% of American hospitals.

They will be continually made to justify the need for their nonprofit status in their geographical area as defined by Obamacare and IRS enforcers. If they treat the poor in an average geographical area, they could lose their status. If they don’t comply, they will lose their nonprofit status. If they do lose it, they will be forced to become for-profits that pay tax and do not concentrate on treating the poor.

The rise in the number of insured poor, who will be subsidized by the Americans not receiving subsidies, will make it impossible for these hospitals to meet the requirements. In other words, nonprofit hospitals will go the way of the horse and buggy.