Obamacare Exemption for DC Elite



Update: 4/29/13: Boehner and Reid have pulled back on these discussions and have denied they were seeking exemptions.

Their denials do not ring true. Obamacare already exempts Congress according to Rep. Waxman, one of the bill’s authors. Several congressmen said they wanted their aides exempted.


Original Story: 4/25/13: Politico reported Wednesday that congressional leaders from both parties are engaged in talks to exempt the elitist congressmen and their political aides from the healthcare exchanges mandated under Obamacare. One proposal exempts political aides only and the other exempts both.

What about the rest of us poor shlubs? Why are they exempt from Obamacare and we have to deal with it when we didn’t want it in the first place. One of their arguments is that the aides, the thousands of them, only make $25,000 a year. So do a lot of other Americans and they aren’t being given a break.

Lawmakers are worried about their retirement and the expense of Obamacare. Well, so are we!!! Anyway, it’s called the Affordable Care Act so what’s their problem? It’s so affordable!

Steny Hoyer’s communications director, Katie Grant said, “Mr. Hoyer is looking at this policy, like all other policies in the Affordable Care Act, to ensure they’re being implemented in a way that’s workable for everyone, including members and staff.” How is that workable for everyone? It’s only workable for them.

Harry Reid, John Boehner, the Obama administration, and other lawmakers are working on it as we speak and they are aware that it might not look good to the general public.

John Boehner has a perfect issue to rally around – the contempt Americans have for Obamacare. He won’t take it on. He is actually trying to make Obamacare work and announced we lost the battle to repeal it last year.

Waxman, one of the bill’s architects, said that the 15,000 page Obamacare bill already subsidizes their healthcare and they will not see an increase. Fabulous!