Obamacare: Group Doctor Appointments Are the Latest Obomination


Group Doctor appointments

Kaiser Health News has a solution for our upcoming primary care physician shortage, which is being caused in large part by Obamacare. They suggest we hold simultaneous doctor appointments with several patients who have similar problems.

I don’t think gynecologists and urologists will be able to work this out so I figure I will make one of them my primary car physician. I’m not going to group doctor appointments. Do the HIPPA laws allow for this?

They think they can sell this idea.

Kaiser is calling it “strength in numbers.”  Laughingly, they add that it will increase appointment availability and increase health outcomes. I can’t wait until I get the diagnosis and remedy for one of the other people who came to my appointment.

It will give doctors more time with us – all of us, at once!

“With Obamacare, we’re going to get a lot of previously uninsured people coming into the system, and the question will be ‘How are we going to service these people well?’ ” says PhD Edward Noffsinger, who has developed group-visit models [for bible classes] and consults with providers on their implementation. With that approach, “doctors can be more efficient and patients can have more time with their doctors.”

Remember when the Obamacare supporters ridiculed us for saying there would be doctor shortages? They tried to sell Obamacare as something that would save money while putting millions more on “free” health care. Nancy Pelosi told business leaders they could all quit their jobs because they’d have government health care provided for them. She didn’t say what kind of healthcare. She told us we’d have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.

How many doctors are going to want to hold these group appointments? Not many!

At least we can all get free birth control.