Obamacare Hangover-You Want healthcare, Pay Your Deductibles First!


car has better insurance

Man with placared, ‘My car has better insurance than I do.’

Insurance plans offered on the Obamacare exchanges have such high deductibles that more and more doctors are insisting that deductibles be paid before the patient even gets to see the doctor.

Many of the Obamacare exchanges have low initial premiums but they also have significant out-of-pocket deductibles and other costs. As a result, doctors and hospitals are now demanding the deductibles be paid upfront. What used to be taboo is no longer, according to Bloomberg News.

Obamacare doesn’t limit high deductibles and because of the higher costs resulting from the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies are increasing deductibles. Some are so high that health insurance is quickly becoming catastrophic insurance only.

Since 2005, the number of people with high deductible plans (over $1250 for an individual) have gone from 1 million to 15.5 million. It’s 15 times higher!

Unless it’s an emergency, more and more hospitals expect people to pay their co-pays, deductibles, and all other out-of-pocket costs before admission. In the case of the uninsured, they have to pay all costs upfront.

The Chicago Tribune analysis shows that 21 of the 22 lowest-priced plans offered on the Illinois health insurance exchange for Cook County have annual deductibles of more than $4,000 for an individual and $8,000 for family coverage. Some have deductibles of $12,700 for a family of four as an example.

It will limit access to good healthcare services but isn’t that what Mr. Obama promised? Oh, no wait, he said we would all have free healthcare and better services with lower premiums and we’d keep our doctor and our healthcare plan!

Everyone seems very shocked but I can’t figure out why. How did they think it would be possible to cover everyone’s every health need while improving healthcare and lowering costs? Obamacare gives everyone access to poor healthcare services.