ObamaCare: Hitches, Glitches, & Worst of All, Snitches


Hitch, noun 1) a temporary interruption or problem   Glitch, noun 1) a sudden temporary malfunction or irregularity of equipment   Snitch, noun  1) an informer

Can anyone remember descriptors such as hitches and glitches being endlessly repeated by our highest government officials, including the President, when referring to a federal program that’s been three and one half years in the making?  Forty two months and billions of dollars later, ObamaCare has lots of problems.  There are long, fruitless delays, reported by virtually every person trying to register into the program, especially those using the Fed’s own Health Care website.

While these irregularities may be incredibly frustrating for today’s potential enrollees the worst is yet to come, and it will be very, very bad indeed.  That’s because sooner or later all the hitches and glitches are bound to lead to snitches, and those informers will cause great harm to tens of millions of Americans.  This looming, ominous dark horse could easily wind up being the deal breaker that disembowels ObamaCare.

Several weeks ago Mark Steyn made a powerful point regarding the emerging threat of hackers, or even government officials, stealing and then misusing information collected through ObamaCare applications.  He commented that if the Federal Government can’t keep its own top secret secrets secret, how can we expect this same crew to secure the massive amounts of personal financial and health info of 300 million Americans?  Steyn cited Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, high profile leakers of extremely sensitive military material, as examples of how the fed’s top efforts to protect critical intelligence was so easily, and dramatically breached.

These wrongdoings, along with stunning revelations reported about NSA eves dropping, the AP Scandal, and IRS’s targeted bullying, raised the public’s awareness of threats to their privacy.  But, in spite of the initial overwhelmingly negative reaction, the outrage has faded.  The reason is simple.  As of now, only a relatively, very small number of people have actually felt any genuine impact from the government’s miscues and overreaches.  Violations of confidential, intimate personal data remains in the abstract for hundreds of millions of Americans.  That’s going to change,  probably some time soon, and in a big way.

That’s because there will be just too many opportunities for medical records, family histories, and Social Security Numbers to be either mistakenly shared with the wrong party, accessed for punitive purposes by a government bureaucracy, or just plain stolen.   The signs are already here.

We’ve learned private records, including SS numbers, have been erroneously sent to a recipient who had no lawful right receive them.  What’s legal may be even worse. Conservative or religious freedom organizations beware. ObamaCare actually allows states to pass along info from your application…..if it’s needed for “law enforcement and audit activities”.   Scandal scarred groups such as Seedco and The Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty have been given tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to manage “navigation services” designed to enroll people in ObamaCare.  Unlike the folks who may fix your oil burner, these barely trained navigators, hired by those dubious outfits, have not been required to undergo serious background checks.  What could go wrong by having millions of folks passing along a lifetime’s worth of data to some poorly prepared, barely screened stranger?

It’s inevitable that plenty is going to go wrong. Soon enough there will be too many stupid errors, document leaks, identity thefts, and unreasonable investigations to be ignored, even by a pathetic, cowardly press.  Countless numbers of Americans will be caught up in something terrible that is no longer abstract.  Unlike hitches and glitches which are by definition both “temporary” this invasion of privacy may haunt the victims for a lifetime.  An ensuing justifiable outrage could be the dark horse deal breaker that saves us all from this truly awful law.