Obamacare – How We’re Doing As If You Couldn’t Guess


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Sharyl Attkisson has a great investigative piece today in The Daily Signal. She goes through the available data on Obamacare and what she found is hardly reassuring for those who hoped it would reduce costs and insure all Americans.

The cost burden for insurance is on those who already had insurance. They are paying for the uninsurable with higher premiums, high deductibles and larger copays.

“Healthy people are paying more and unhealthy people are paying less,” said one Attkisson source who helped implement Obamacare and is disappointed with the results.

The administration hasn’t released enrollment data in almost three months and they won’t releasing any in the near future. It is an election year!

The Obama-stration claims to have signed up 8 million. That figure counted people who hadn’t paid – about 15-20% of the 8 million. The figure is actually 6.4 million.

Only about half of those insured are newly insured. The rest were insured but had to change policies.

To date, only 3.9 million of the previously uninsured are insured. The CBO had projected 19 million by this date.

Premiums going up by 35% isn’t unusual. It’s expensive meeting the Obamacare rules.

Obamacare removes all choice and makes everyone pay for what the government deems necessary such as birth control, maternity services, and preventive BS.

Even though more are insured, there are other factors besides Obamacare that might have led to the increase in the number of insured such as the expansion of Medicaid – the government freebie.

Co-ops which operate on tax dollars have reached 80% of their projected enrollment if you can even believe them. That means taxpayers will lose about 43% on their investment. That’s nothing unusual for a government “investment.” These co-ops are mostly far-left groups, many are Alinsky-ites, and they didn’t have experience in the health industry.

Medicaid has gone through the roof.  People can collect if they earn up to 138% of the federal poverty line. Why even have a poverty line?

If all states expanded Medicaid, it would have increased spending by states by 26% from 2013-2022. Only 26 states expanded the free and crummy healthcare.

The generous federal government agreed to pay 100% of the Medicaid extra cost to the states for three years and then the states will assume the burden gradually. Where the money will come from is anyone’s guess. State budgets are debt-ridden throughout the nation.

Keep those printing presses rolling in the mint!!!

Obama claims that healthcare costs are reduced but federal spending for it is up by at least $1.3 trillion over 10 years. What Obama doesn’t say is that medical costs went down in 2008 and 2009 before Obamacare. The slower growth is likely due to the bad economy.

The CBO now says it can’t figure the overall financial impact of Obamacare aka Affordable Care Act. Obama keeps rewriting the law illegally making it impossible to compute.

Nine states saw premium increases of 2.5% to 26%. Next year, many more will see increases of 8.9% to more than 22%. The average increase will be 9.9%.

Only 43% of Americans approve of Obamacare but what do Americans know. The government knows better.

Social Security is unsustainable and Obamacare will be as well, but what difference…at this point…does it make?

Thank Buddha we passed Obamacare. Listen to Mr. Obama tell us we would have gone bankrupt if it hadn’t been for this monstrosity: