Obamacare II Coming to the USA


Paul Ryan has said  that left unchecked,  the national debt will be 100% of our GDP by 2038 and Obamacare has done nothing to stop it. That doesn’t matter to this myopic administration.

Obamacare II is coming according to Sebellius. Brace yourselves. The Obama administration doesn’t care that most people don’t want it and, for those of you who do want it, your approval of this type of dictatorial behavior by government will one day turn on you.

Obama likely knows that Obamacare will be overturned by the Supreme Court of the United States.

If Obamacare is overturned, Obama becomes the man who pushed for an unconstitutional law throughout much of his presidency and he did it through bribery and under a cloud of secrecy.

Sebellius, speaking to a women’s health town hall (I’m so sick of hearing about women’s health-what about men?), said that they have “court contingencies” ready because the striking down of Obamacare would be “cataclysmic.”

If the government is now going to the courts, they plan on  using the liberal judges to further their unconstitutional law despite the SCOTUS ruling.

Everything is an emergency with this administration. Now it’s cataclysmic and they will try to make it so by deliberately sabotaging the healthcare system, particularly, Medicare. Sebellius is already on record as saying that if Obamacare is overturned, Medicare and Medicaid will be in disarray.

Personally, I think it’s cataclysmic if the law is allowed to stand.

Sebellius claimed that they have made outstanding changes to Medicare and as I read her words, it reminded me of someone who preys on the elderly to win an argument.

Obamacare passed two years ago because congressmen were shamefully bought off, not because people wanted it. The entire process was done behind closed doors by the “transparent” president. Unfortunately, he is transparent when he is leaking state secrets.

Obamacare does include the following popular clauses which can easily be kept by states if they choose to do so –

  • Expand Medicaid to higher income wage earners
  • Closes the donut hole for Medicare Advantage
  • Keeps adult children (up to age 26) on their parents health plan. [Adult children???]
  • Eliminates pre-existing conditions for children
  • The plan would cover millions of people who formerly were without insurance and that will need to be dealt with. Most states cover children, but adults are forced to go to clinics and ER’s.
  • Rebates to seniors and incentives to doctors who see seniors
  • “Free” abortions and contraceptives would no longer be “free,” though they have a sliding scale over at Planned Parenthood, an organization which receives many millions in funding from taxpayers each year.

These options can be voted on individually without violating the Constitution and most of this, if not all, should be in the province of the states. The Republicans need to be ready with a response, as ready as Sebellius appears to be. They can’t be vague on this one.

So far, the government has written over 10,000 pages of rules and that is only the beginning. This law is about government control.