Obamacare Is Biting the Big One


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Obamacare is dying a slow death but if we get Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders as our next president, it will be replaced with universal healthcare. We’d better hope we get a Republican. There is no Republican who would support the Soviet-style plan.

Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell announced an expected enrollment of 10 million in Obamacare exchanges by the end of 2016 but last year they said it would be 21 million.

People aren’t leaving their employer-sponsored plans as expected to run to the Obamacare exchanges or co-ops.

Research from the Heritage Foundation shows that the nine million who were among the uninsured were almost all people (94%) who were added to the Medicaid rolls which is FREE insurance we all get to pay for.

The number of Americans with health insurance increased by 9.25 million during the year, but 8.99 million of them were put on Medicaid. Enrollment in private individual-market plans increased by almost 4.79 million, but that corresponded to a reduction of 4.53 million in the number of people with employment-based group coverage. Therefore, the net increase in private health insurance in 2014 was 260,000 people.


Ten of the 23 co-ops which have been reliant on billions in taxpayer-funded loans will be out of business by the end of 2015. Some have reached 80% of their enrollment and aren’t close to making up for losses. When they were formed, it was expected they would have up to a 42% failure rate. What does the government care? They have unlimited taxpayer dollars to waste.

According to Heritage, states that expanded Medicaid enrollment grew by 23.2% compared with states without the expansion increasing by 2.9 percent, almost what they were pre-Obamacare (ACA).

Obama and his landmark health insurance did little more than increase the welfare state.

Rates vary widely by state but some of the more popular plans are doubling their rates.

The healthy, especially the young and healthy aren’t paying for health insurance and they are the ones who are supposed to make Obamacare work financially. The healthy would rather pay the fine – it’s cheaper.

There are also 30 different exemptions that get people out of paying the fine or much of it.

The uninsured can go to the ER for care and since pre-existing conditions are no longer a barrier, they can get health insurance the next year.

The Heritage report summed it up. There was a moderate shift from individual market coverage to the on and off exchange plans. A substantial increase in individual market enrollment was almost equivalent to the decline in employer-group plan enrollment. Lastly, a large increase in Medicaid almost equaled the ACA Medicaid expansion.

The net effect of the ACA in 2014 was almost entirely a simple expansion of Medicaid.

We went through all this misery and expense after the left bribed, tricked, and bullied it into passage, to increase Medicaid dramatically.

The rich can still afford health insurance, the middle class are paying higher premiums and co-pays, and the poor and lower-middle class are heavily subsidized.