Obamacare Is Unaffordable in 47 of 50 Cities Polled


The IRS, the White House’s Behavioral Sciences Team, and the Department of Health and Human Service engaged in a $5 million push to pressure Americans to buy Obamacare.

The IRS sent what amounted to intimidation letters to bully people who opted to pay the penalty in lieu of buying Obamacare.

Thanks to McCain, Collins and Murkowski in particular, the Obamacare death spiral lives on and we wonder how many people aren’t because of it.

The cheapest Obamacare plans are now unaffordable in 94% of American cities according to a new study at eHealth.com. The death spiral of Obamacare mandates the ‘rich’ who make $80,000 or more a year pay for everyone who makes less. As the premiums increase 30% and more on an annual basis, more and more can’t afford the plans. That leaves too few to pay for ‘free’ Obamacare.

The new study used Obamacare’s definition of what is affordable and it still is only affordable for residents in 3 out of 50 cities polled.

They based the study on a mere 10% increase for 2018 which is far too low.

Zerohedge writes: To put eHealth’s findings in perspective, a family of 3 in Charlotte, NC, with an annual income of $81,884, would have to spend 18% of their gross income in 2018 just to purchase the cheapest Obamacare plan for their family.  On a post-tax basis, that expenditure would be well over 20%.  Moreover, as eHealth points out, that family of 3 would have to find a way to make an extra $102,245 per year to meet the “affordability” test included in the Obamacare legislation.



  1. Obama’s Sal Alinsky socialist background, his refusal to engage Congress in his Health Care plan- an idea neglected for along time made me sceptical of it. Ramming the HHS Mandate to violate Conscience and deny Religious Liberty was added insult. Totally unprepared to be POTUS

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