Obamacare Propaganda Will Cost Taxpayers $700 Million


Be prepared to spend $700 million tax dollars on trying to convince people that Obamacare is great. Geobbels would be proud of this campaign to sell the unsellable government healthcare.

Obamacare man of steel

via Washington CBS

CHICAGO (AP) — It will make you stronger. It will give you peace of mind and make you feel like a winner. Health insurance is what the whole country has been talking about, so don’t be left out.

Sound like a sales pitch? Get ready for a lot more. As President Barack Obama’s health care law moves from theory to reality in the coming months, its success may hinge on whether the best minds in advertising can reach one of the hardest-to-find parts of the population: people without health coverage.
The campaign won’t come cheap: The total amount to be spent nationally on publicity, marketing and advertising will be at least $684 million, according to data compiled The Associated Press from federal and state sources.

You will be inundated with the faux benefits of Obamacare, The Affordable Healthcare Act, on the radio, TV, in print ads, until you believe!!! What happened to sequester? We are furloughing people on military bases so we can run ads for a supposedly great healthcare plan?