ObamaCare Propagandists to Americans, “Queue You!”



Future lines for healthcare services?

Up until a couple weeks ago, how many of us had heard of, or used the word queue?  Now, following a disastrous ObamaCare website debut the term is all over the media.  Merriam-Webster primarily defines it as, “a line of people who are waiting for something”.  Secondarily they write: “a series of instructions that are stored in a computer so that they can be processed later”.

The latter description is the one pro-ObamaCare wags would like us to apply to the latest series of unfixed glitches, on the not ready for prime time as promised, Healthcare.gov website.  But it’s the first definition that perfectly represents, in so many ways, the complex monstrosity this whole  experiment in utopian nanny statism has become.

The frightening truth is delays on the dysfunctional site, are only the beginning, and will in retrospect, be the least disruptive and dangerous flaws effecting millions of Americans’ lives. There’s a big difference between being kept on hold in a virtual waiting room and being put on a months long line to see your newly assigned MD.  That would be especially the case if you were awaiting an appointment for either a consultation or treatment of a critical medical problem.  There will be real life tragedies when people cannot get to see a doctor or be admitted into their local hospital in a timely manner.

Perhaps by then, the Democrat masterminds and propagandists who’ve cobbled this increasingly unhealthy piece of crap together will have another pleasant sounding, French term they hope will hide their destruction of the American healthcare system.

But, for now, the ObamaCare shills cry, “Queue You!”.  It’s just elitist political code for an obscene, two word phrase, used to demean perceived antagonists.  Our president and his minions won’t use the crude expression in public, but they might just as well.  Given their endless stream of lies and utter disregard of public opinion, they’d just be openly admitting what they really think of all those ungrateful bumpkins, unhappy with losing perfectly good healthcare coverage.