Obamacare Requiring Us to Pay For Everyone’s Birth Control & Abortion Drugs


…and that is only the beginning.

We are beginning to see the Obamacare beast rear its ugly head. Lots of freebies were given out by Sebellius today. Women will not pay for their healthcare, at a ll. There will be no end of the giveaways at taxpayer expense of course. Let’s not forget that Obamacare gives middle class families access to medicaid (married couples making $64K are eligible) to say nothing of the increased fraud and wasted that will ensue.

D.C. is now requiring insurance companies pay for everyone’s birth control, including abortion drugs. We already have Planned  Parenthood and Medicaid for people who need this kind of help.  For the rest of you, I have only six words to say, PAY FOR YOUR OWN BIRTH CONTROL (Biden would probably think that’s three words). Lots of other freebies given out today by HHS. Read here: We will have to pay for every dang thing for everyone