Obamacare Rollout Problems Explained



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Mr. Obama addressed the nation this morning to explain the healthcare.gov website problems but he didn’t explain why the website is not working. We don’t know a thing.

You knew I was kidding when I titled this, “Obamacare Rollout Problems Explained,’ right? Actually, I do have a lot to say, like New York has zero enrollees and Obama’s speech drove a woman into near-unconsciousness!

Mr. Obama claimed that many thousands have signed up and it is placing a burden on the website’s underlying problems. The site went down with 200 people on it on one occasion.

He minimized the problems with the website, describing them as kinks. Once the kinks are worked out, the website will be even smoother, he said. (emphasis mine).

Mr. Obama spoke with people props around him during his speech – people who somehow signed up for Obamacare. One woman near-fainted during his 25 minute speech (she’s ok now). Hopefully she is covered or maybe they had a doctor in the house.

Healthcare marketplaces are no longer too expensive, Mr. Obama said. He explained that the marketplaces are large group plans that establish competition, but he failed to mention that the suffocating rules and regulations will keep many doctors off the exchanges.

He also said prices have come down.  Huh? The prices and healthcare are good, he said, and people are buying it. He is angry about the website problems and that means it is going to get fixed. Anyway, you can just apply by phone or in person, he said several times.

Mr. Obama said Obamacare will save us money! (I thought it was free?)

The website problem is no biggie he feels:

He said the website is too slow and he’s frustrated because the product is so good. He said it works for a lot of people and it’s not efficient but the deal at the end is making people happy.

(Hello? The site DOESN’T WORK! No one is happy!)

It’s only three weeks  into it so what’s the rush? You have until December 15th and insurance plans will be available for months after.

(What does it matter if the site stinks!)

Mr. Obama is doing everything he can do to make the sites work faster (it’s on a slow crawl) and the experts he has working on it said they’ve seen this before.

(Where? Zimbabwe?)

Mr. Obama said: Go buy the insurance elsewhere and don’t rely on the site for now, call, or go in person – many would prefer that anyway.  He added that you can even download an application.

He gave out the 800 phone number for Obamacare and the phone system crashed shortly after.

Do you really trust these people with your healthcare? What happens when you want surgery?

I was on Obamacare today before it crashed again. It is being reported that no one in New York has enrolled which is perfectly believable since it’s impossible to do much of anything on the site. According to the NY Daily News, in New York, one of only 16 states that has its own exchange, not one person had succeeded in using the site to enroll in a plan (as of Friday).

This was my favorite screenshot Monday. If you are here illegally, worry not, you will get healthcare:



I tried to register but if I took longer than a minute, my session timed out. After three tries, I was able to type  in the info in under 15 seconds:


My ID was activated:


Alas there was no MY NY:

not found

or enrollment info:


or account:

my account

When I tried to get back in, I got this – they don’t know anything about me:

can't get back on


I had searched for Primary Care doctors in my area but alas there are none:



There are three Internists whom I never heard of and I won’t keep my doctor:

s drs


If you want a Rheumatologist, you are out of luck:


There were only three gynecologists – so much for women’t health.

I couldn’t even logout but when I went back on, I was still signed on. This is not a very secure website. When you go to a bank site and close out, they automatically log you out:


The site has a premium/subsidy estimator that does not include age, just the number of people involved. It’s greatly lacking!

What I discovered from it was this: if you make $65,000, you are not eligible for a subsidy but if you make a few thousand less, you are eligible – it’s a work disincentive. If you make $60,000,  you are eligible for a subsidy and will pay $475 a month for one person on the silver plan; if you make $45,000, you pay $345 a month; if you make $25,000 a month, you pay $94.

None of those salaries will put you in a great place in New York and the subsidies don’t really cut it. It’s expensive!

The cost might not sound too bad to some, but remember that the silver plan only covers 70% of your expenses and has high caps.

The Platinum plan pays 90% of your medical costs, the gold 80%, silver 70%, bronze 60%. You also have your co-pays, deductibles, and high maximum out of pocket costs.

The deductible/caps for the non-subsidized are $6,350 for individuals to $12,700 for families. If you are 400% above the poverty level and are subsidized, your caps for individual and family respectively are $4,167 to $8,333. For those who are at 133% of the poverty level, it is  $1,933 to $3,967.

Then there are the co-pays. Doctor’s visits for the Silver Plan average $5 to $50 and for the Bronze, they average $15 to $39. Pharmaceutical costs are similar.

What a mess!

I have no interest in actually signing up for Obamacare nor will I ever. I will find another way to get health services.

The phone system went down as I mentioned earlier. Who can’t get a phone system to work in this day and age? Healthcare.gov is down completely now, at least until Wednesday.

During his speech, Mr. Obama went on and on about all the benefits of the program we can’t enroll in, including the billions that seniors have supposedly saved on Medicare medications. I don’t know about that. My Aunt can’t get her meds any longer. They won’t pay for her Celebrex and Nexium. It hasn’t helped her.

Mr. Obama bragged about all the many people who can now go on Medicaid because of the Medicaid expansion in most states. It is the worst health insurance we have in this country and most doctors won’t accept it. It is also filled with fraud. Is this supposed to be a success story?

Like I said, what a mess!