Obamacare to Ration the Less Worthy Out of Existence


Hey, you old and real sick people, now that the government is taking over your healthcare, there is not enough money to go around, so they have to make the hard choices and deprive you of beneficial care. Bye, bye!

Obamacare in its lamebrain effort to cover everyone’s healthcare, including people here illegally and people who won’t work, and people who need condoms and abortions, now has to cut somewhere, and it could be YOU!!

Obama has nominated Henry J. Aaron to head the Social Security Advisory Board, a panel that advises the president and Congress about the old age system. The choice is most dangerous, since Aaron has a decades-long record as an advocate of denying American patients health care along the lines of the British national health system.

Aaron, a Brookings Institution scholar, has devoted his entire career to creating an intellectual and economic basis for health care rationing. In 2000, Aaron wrote, “The problem is that in the real world of limited medical resources, denial of beneficial care is inescapable.” Aaron wrote in a 2009 paper it is necessary for the government “to develop protocols that enable providers to identify in advance patients in whom expected benefits of treatment are lower than costs [and] to design incentives that encourage providers to act on those protocols.” That is, government must provide “incentives” to assure doctors deny treatment to those whom the ruling class deems unworthy of life.

This is still another Obama advisor who wants to choose who lives and who dies based on some bureaucrat’s intellectual decision.