Obamacare Will Kill Women & Seniors



Not only has Obamacare taken half-a-trillion from Medicare which, when fully realized, will force most seniors into Medicaid, but they are now forcing religious people to violate their conscience by paying for contraceptions/abortifacients/abortions. That is not the end of it.

Women will have a hard time getting proper care. Don’t you remember that mammograms were going to be eliminated for women under 50 even though research indicates they must be done by age 40 and that they do save lives? Same goes for Pap smears! That was last year. How short are our memories? Are we really useful idiots?

Even if you trust this administration, what about the next? You are giving the Executive Branch of government total control over your healthcare! For all the people on the left, what if another George Bush becomes President – are you comfortable with that?

Take a look at this article which demonstrates how little control you and I will have over anything concerning our healthcare. If we don’t have our health, what do we have?

…During that legal battle, federal authorities requested access to women’s medical records to determine whether the procedure was medically necessary. Women’s rights groups defeated every request.

Yet many women’s rights groups support the Obama health law, which allows federal access to women’s records and dictates to their doctors. Pro-choice or pro-life, you lose privacy.

Sec. 1501 and 1302 of the Obama health law requires nearly everyone to enroll in a “qualified” health plan or pay a penalty. “Qualified” means a government-designed plan covering what the secretary of Health and Human Services decides are “essential benefits.” The secretary (a presidential appointee) decides what your plan includes.

Nothing in the law guarantees contraception coverage; that’s left to the secretary’s discretion. And the power to compel insurers to cover contraceptives is also the power to stop insurers from covering them.

Sec. 1311(h)(1) of the law says “qualified plans” can pay only doctors and hospitals that follow the dictates of the secretary, who is empowered to impose any regulation to “improve health-care quality.” That breathtakingly broad power could include everything — dictating when your cardiologist recommends a stent rather than a bypass or whether your ob/gyn does a cesarean.

Your doctor will have to enter your treatments into an electronic data base, and your doctor’s decisions will be monitored for compliance with federal guidelines. Ultimately, your doctor could have to choose between doing what’s right for you and avoiding a government penalty.

The law empowers presidential appointees to standardize medical practice. The government will be in charge, even if you pay for a private health plan yourself…Read here: NY POST

Obviously I am being somewhat satirical and pulling a Debbie Wasserman-Schultz-ism, but the facts are the facts. Obamacare will not improve healthcare for women or seniors and it will require religious people to violate their conscience. What have we become as a nation that we would allow this to happen?