Obamacare Will Mean No Care Soon



It’s too bad they didn’t read the Obamacare bill and actually make it doable, but they didn’t.

Now that reality is setting in, it doesn’t even look good to the top Democrats. They’ve joined forces with the Republicans to repeal the tax on medical devices to avert the firing of 40,000 people.

Actually, there are 20 new taxes which will hit you and me.

The healthcare exchange has been rejected by Tennessee. The government has no clue as to how it will be implemented.

So where is the money going to come from to fund Obamacare? Probably, in part, from the seniors. Originally, the government took half a billion dollars from future Medicare payments and now it’s $716 billion. They will continue to rob the program.

There have been no increases in Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals in ten years. What kind of care do you think Grandpa is going to get, if any?

Much of the money will have to come from increased taxes on everyone. One increase in premiums is already in place and there will be more to come. It will be far more expensive than what we are used to having in the USA.

They must at least rewrite the bill. I want them to repeal the bill and start over because it nationalized healthcare and has made us into a socialist nation.

The Democrats want immigration to be done the same way, with a “comprehensive reform package” that will involve another 2700 page bill no one understands and that will be chock full of shocking surprises. The Republicans want smaller bills on each of the issues – one-by-one – so that the electorate can understand and respond to them.