Obamacare’s Costly Deadly Electronic Medical Records


The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital hospital in Dallas that sent Ebola patient Thomas Duncan home only to accept him on an emergency basis three days later originally said in a statement that “Protocols were followed by both the physician and the nurses. However, we have identified a flaw in the way the physician and nursing portions of our electronic health records interacted in this specific case.”

They found a flaw in the information-sharing program supplied by a controversial, taxpayer-subsidized electronic medical records company, owned by a rich Obama crony. The flaw prevented some staff from accessing Duncan’s travel history from Liberia.

The hospital said they since moved that information to be visible to both physicians and nurses, and has been modified to specifically reference Ebola-endemic regions in Africa.

“The nurse entered that information in the nursing portion of the electronic medical record,” the hospital said in the original statement.

“The documentation of the travel history was located in the nursing workflow portion of the EHR, and was designed to provide a high reliability nursing process to allow for the administration of influenza vaccine under a physician-delegated standing order. As designed, the travel history would not automatically appear in the physician’s standard workflow.”

“As a result of this discovery, Texas Health Dallas has relocated the travel history documentation to a portion of the HER that is part of both workflows. It also has been modified to specifically reference Ebola-endemic regions in Africa. We have made this change to increase the visibility and documentation of the travel question in order to alert all providers. We feel that this change will improve the early identification of patients who may be a t risk for communicable diseases, including Ebola.”

In less than 24 hours – “in the interest of transparency” – the hospital modified its original explanation of what had happened. Contradicting themselves, officials said that Duncan’s travel history was visible to all in the hospital’s electronic health record (EHR) system.

“There was no flaw in the EHR in the way the physician and nursing portions interacted related to this event,” the hospital said in a written statement.

They blamed it on human error – an easy thing to do but is it true?

Dr. James L. Moore, chief medical officer for Athens Regional Medical Center, said:

“I think it was a failure of communication between the nurses and the physicians,” he said. “If we’re following the CDC guidelines, and if the patient answers yes to the question about travel, that should trigger them to immediately take him to isolation.”


The system used by the hospital comes from a company owned by an Obama bundler and it’s been the subject of intense criticism.

Critics say it is an antiquated and a closed-end system. A lapse like the one responsible for the Ebola patient would fall in line with the criticisms.

Epic Systems owns the electronic-medical-records (EMR) system. The billionaire Obama crony who owns the company is Judy Faulkner.

Faulkner, an Obama donor, was an adviser to David Blumenthal, and the firm’s top 10 PAC recipients are Democrats or leftists. Blumenthal is Obama’s health-information tech czar.

EPIC was one of the firms that lobbied for the roughly $30 billion in federal subsidies for their companies under the 2009 stimulus. Medical providers have to comply with the mandate.

Its costly information-sharing flaws and interoperability failures has been the source of complaints from other clients.

In July, The Boston Globe reported that there is still “no safety oversight of the vendors who sell” EMR and EHR systems.

The company charges exorbitant fees. This cost will be passed down to the taxpayers.

One malpractice insurance group found 147 cases of electronic health records that contributed to “adverse events that affected Patients” with 46 ending in death.

In August of last year, the nearly $1 billion electronic health record system at Sutter Health in Northern California failed, leaving nurses and clinical staff unable to access any patient information for a full day, including access to medications and patient history.

In January of this year, Florida’s health care system supposedly experienced a hardware failure that rendered the organization’s $80 million Epic electronic medical record system down for the count. The outage lasted nearly two days.

Criticisms of the company have reached Congress.

You can read more at the article linked below. One has to wonder how many more flaws will cause an untold number of deaths.

Obama’s cronyism could be causing deaths and the White House could be covering it up. After the colossal healthcare.gov website failure and the disastrous cancellation of policies engendered by Obamacare, the Democrats can little afford to have people find out about the poor records-keeping program his donor provides to millions.

The Obama administration lavishes cronies with taxpayer-funded gifts on a regular basis and cover-ups is their business. What they don’t do well is Obamacare and pretty much everything they are responsible to do.

Whether this is another cover-up, it’s hard to say but one thing is for certain, EMR’s aren’t the inexpensive lifesavers they were promised to be.


Ode to Electronic Medical Records: