Obamahood’s Plan for the Middle Class


O taxing the middle class

If people think that President Obama is not going to tax the middle class, they are seriously mistaken.

If we taxed all the millionaires who make over $250,000 at 100% of their income, it would pay for the government’s wasteful spending for less than half a year.

So where do people think the money is going to come from to pay for the debt and deficits that Obama is running up?

Obama spent more money in his first term than all the presidents before him. Think about how much money that is.

Worse yet, he is planning to continue spending 43 cents too much on every dollar. We can’t borrow and print money ad infinitum though Obama is hoping he can. He is looking for every which way he can to avoid the debt ceiling which can be used to curb his spending.

Obama has made it clear that he wants higher taxes. He means to tax the middle class because that is where the money is.

Obama doesn’t even think he has a spending problem – he claimed that Obamacare fixed the spending problem. Check it out here.

He already raised taxes on the middle class by increasing the payroll tax 2%. He didn’t even bother to address it. He is voting present on the issue.

Obamacare is filled with taxes on the middle class. Check it out here.

Then we have the Fiscal Cliff’s hidden taxes which affect the middle class. They are coming after our deductions. People need to worry about charitable deductions and the mortgage interest taxe.

The Democrats know they can only tax just so much and will find roundabout ways to tax. They will tax energy for one thing.

These are all portents of our future.