Obamaland Not Doing Well But It Is the 81st Official Anniversary of The Star Spangled Banner

The Star Spangled Banner, Official Anniversary March 3, 1931

Democracy is very bad. The problem is that everything else is WORSE .   Winston Churchill

Well, we somehow “survived” another Obama week!  Heading into “Super Tuesday,” I like to reflect on the more subtle, the more “esoteric,” and the more “symbolic” issues of the previous week –

The GITMO the social club was “rewarded” this week with a $750,000 dollar expenditure for (ready for this one?) a SOCCER FIELD!  (for the non-believers it was in ALL the papers and on Fox! If I had to pick the “poster child” of ALL of Obama’s  “Promises” which  NEVER materialized, but which were extensively used to DEMONIZE President Bush, GITMO WAS IT!

“First Solar” – remember the BILLION dollar, green-jobs, save the planet, stop the  global warming adventure that Obama and the NY Times so adored? After pouring our taxpayer money (and tax  credits) into this “feel-good alternative energy” project, 4th quarter results were just reported –


Earnings  DOWN

Demand DOWN


What a shock!

(Does anyone know of ANY homeowner who converted to solar power?)

Twenty-three percent of ALL home sales last month were from FORECLOSURES! Okay, it is true that we are getting these homes “off the books” so people will now buy new homes but isn’t this still a sad commentary on the condition of the American people – so many foreclosures?

I guess after all of Obama’s spending on mortgage payment adjustments and his lower interest rates, we just have to give him more time! Yeah, right!

This week was not all depressing!

It is the 81st official anniversary of THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER! [It was March 3rd – I was a day late posting]

America – Don’t give up!

240 days until November!