Obama’s $4 Trillion Budget Includes Millions for Gun Control



Mr. Obama has done some shooting himself

You must have heard about the $4 trillion fy2015 budget but did you know that it includes millions in taxpayer dollars for gun control? The president who allows dangerous people to come across our borders, who handles foreign affairs from a 6th grade classroom or a golf course, and who supports radical and violent groups like the occupiers, wants to disarm us while all this is going on.

His dreamy wish-list budget includes $182 million of our money for gun control.

It includes increased funding for ATF, the FBI’s NICS program, safety research, et al, all aimed at gun violence. Good so far?

Obama has a “Now Is the Time” program that ties all the funding to anti-gun legislation introduced in the wake of the Sandy Hook horror.

If only that was all it was about.

His goals are to increase background checks (he wants universal background checks which could lead to gun confiscation), inspections of firearms dealers, tracing and ballistics analysis (they are going to make it difficult if not impossible to manufacture an affordable bullet), and programs to identify the dangerously mentally ill (in NY they have tried to confiscate guns from people who simply take tranquilizers).

Also included are monies for training programs and enhanced school security measures.

Many of these improvements sound good until you remember the goal is to eliminate the Second Amendment. Also problematic is the Big Government approach. The government wants control of everything but they don’t have the money or the capability to do what they think they can do.

We have no inherent right to self-defense according to Justice Stevens and that is how many on the gun control side of things feel. If you doubt that is where this is headed, just look at what is going on in Connecticut, New York, Illinois, California et cetera.

The Administration wants to increase smart gun technology but they only have a small amount of money dedicated towards research of smart gun technology. This technology is not yet ready for market. They aren’t allocating enough money to overcome the challenges to fielding a safe and reliable product.

In other words, it’s a waste of money but they will put the requirements in any way if they can.

The NRA believes that keeping guns out of the hands of criminals would be best achieved by enforcing laws already in effect as opposed to spending millions on Solyndra-type schemes to get gun manufacturers to build so-called smart guns that are not yet even feasible.

President Obama is obsessed with government control of guns and therein lies the problem.

Information at the hill.