Obama’s Actually Seizing Control of All Household, Business Appliances


Obama has ‘inspired’ the Department of Energy (DOE) to put chokehold standards out for refrigerators, dishwashers, air conditioners, ceiling fans, furnaces, boilers, water heaters, lamps and on and on and on. It’s going to cost you just as those new lightbulbs cost you. It’s for efficiency. Mr. Obama doesn’t care what the cost is, even though it won’t do a thing to save the earth.

That light in your refrigerator will be controlled. No stone will be unturned.

He is about to seize control of all your appliances to fulfill his unreasonable agenda.

USA of nannyism copy

Obama wants to heal the planet by controlling your refrigerator. For some reason, Obama thinks this will stimulate the economy since consumers will save all that money on the energy bills.

That isn’t the case, however, since energy is going to increase dramatically as Obama pushes through his expensive initiatives and, just like the incandescent bulb, the poor will suffer the most.

The DOE is rushing them through and not considering cost. There will not be an honest and thorough analysis.

Recently, we discovered that the EPA was using 20-year old data to determine the savings of their energy initiatives.

“They’re not taking the time to get it right,” said Steve Yurek, president and CEO of the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute. “That’s what we’re concerned about,” he said.

The Energy Department is in such a hurry that they have already finalized new efficiency standards for seven appliances in 2014, with another three rules expected by the end of the year. It’s unprecedented.

They are working on other appliances. Nothing will escape the nanny state. Every household will be affected. So much for helping the poor and the middle class.

The new technology will be expensive, especially since it will be rushed.

Green groups think it will save money in the end, but they have no proof to back up their assumptions. That’s not to say they don’t have a point. We just need to study it more.

Obama won’t stop reviewing threats to our homeland but he’s rushing domestic nanny state regulations.

The poor will end up washing dishes by hand which uses more water but the nanny government can just limit their water usage.

Business appliances will also be affected. Yurek said the rules are so suffocating that they could force as much as 40% of the industry out of business.

Obama doesn’t know we are at war with ISIS but he does think we are at war with the climate.

By 2030, Obama wants the reduction of carbon pollution to reach the equivalent of taking 44 million cars off the road. He just pulls this stuff out of his hat.

Obama put $16.9 billion in the DOE budget with the 2009 stimulus bill.