Obama’s All-Out Assault on Freedom of the Press



Photo of Barack Obama asking if you can hear him now.  Can you? 

Freedom of the press is in danger under this administration. Both the AP and Rosen cases are all-out attacks on the First Amendment.

The James Rosen case is similar to the AP case, however going after Fox News and conservative and religious groups gives the appearance of a president with an enemies list.

What the DOJ did in the AP and the Rosen cases was to criminalize journalism.

We now know that the DOJ secretly monitored James Rosen’s phones for a month. They even monitored his mother’s phones.

Fox News obtained the court documents related to the James Rosen inquiry and found that the spying including Fox phones at the White House, the Pentagon and the State Department in an absurd overreach.

The documents show the DOJ gathered phone lines that link to Fox News executives.

Carney won’t comment. He fell back on the tired excuse of not wanting to comment on an ongoing criminal investigation.

A federal agent signed off on the complaint against Rosen saying Rosen committed a crime. That gave the government the search warrant for Rosen’s personal accounts. The government found a judge that allowed them to do it without telling Rosen.

The DOJ targeted Rosen as an aider, abettor, and co-conspirator. Never has a reporter been named as an unindicted co-conspirator for doing his job.

This will have a chilling effect on all reporters.

The administration was willing to say and do anything, even make an absurd claim, to secure Rosen’s and Fox’ records.

This never happens in a free country. It can’t happen. Nixon tried this in the 1970’s with The Pentagon Papers. At that time, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that a reporter is allowed to receive classified documents without any criminality.

“Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government. And paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people and sending them off to distant lands to die of foreign fevers and foreign shot and shell.” —Justice Black

The Obama administration ignored the SCOTUS ruling and did it anyway. Obama’s DOJ flouted the law in this case.

A reporter asking for information should never be accused of a crime. There is no freedom of the press if reporters cannot receive confidential information about the government and report on the government. They are to serve as the watchdogs of the government.

The administration is attempting to keep the AP and  Fox News from reporting news that is not favorable to them. Neither were national security issues from what we now know. In the AP case, the DOJ won’t say what the sensitive information is and from what we know, it was only information that could embarrass the president. In the Rosen case, the government wanted access to the Fox phones.

This is a travesty and a violation of our First Amendment right to a free press.