Obama’s America: Leaving Borders Open Amid ISIS Threats and Secret FBI Warnings


Terror attacks on U.S. soil are being carried out by homegrown terrorists but they are not recognized as such by our administration. It’s not only homegrown terrorists we have to worry about. It’s all the anonymous, unvetted people crossing our borders who will be legalized as soon as Mr. Obama finds it politically expedient to do so.

If it wasn’t for leaked documents and leaks from Border Patrol, we would know little of the truth.

Immediately after Breitbart leaked an FBI document warning of possible ISIS attacks against law enforcement, police officers were viciously attacked in New York City by an Islamic radical – Zale Thompson.

There has already been some hesitation in calling the attack in New York City a terror attack.

Mr. Obama refuses to call radical Islam by its name and he will not address the problem.

A woman was beheaded and another seriously injured by a radicalized jihadist in Oklahoma recently. The incident is being called workplace violence as was the attack by Nidal Hassan and several other terror attacks in the U.S. Benghazi was deliberately mischaracterized as a protest gone wrong.

Leaks from government officials are finally becoming more frequent. It seems a lot of people have had enough.

Breitbart leaked a report that the FBI warned U.S. law enforcement of potential terror attacks against U.S. military personnel, law enforcement in general, FBI personnel, government officials, and media figures. The attack by Zale Thompson was the day after the leak.

The document dated October 11, 2014 was provided by a trusted Breitbart source.

It is labeled “UNCLASSIFIED/FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY”. It specifically states  that it is may be exempt from FOIA and should not be released to the public, the media or anyone not authorized by the DHS (see the document below).

Contrary to previously published bulletins, this document asserts that the FBI is unaware of any imminent threats from ISIS on U.S. soil. (Judicial Watch recently released a leaked bulletin indicating ISIS was in Juarez).

In addition to not recognizing the problem for what it is, Mr. Obama won’t stop the invasion by foreigners on our southern border even though ISIS is suspected of organizing in Juarez.

Social media chatter indicated that ISIS was “expressing an increased interest” in crossing over our southern border to carry out a terrorist attack, a Texas law enforcement bulletin warned in August.

Did you know that illegal aliens continue to pour over our southern border despite these warnings?

The short clip below shows that Border Patrol agents are still being required to dump illegal aliens off at the McAllen bus station rather than return them back across the border.

The agent in the audio is “10-97,” which means he is transporting these two adult females and two juvenile males. When he completes the drive he will announce that he is “10-98.”

Just think – in another couple of weeks Obama will issue brand new, official green cards to them.


We don’t even know who these people are. They could be gang members, drug smugglers, terrorists.

Allowing unfettered illegal immigration gives ISIS that opportunity to destroy us from within as they promised from their Twitter accounts. Some tweets threatened to infiltrate our political system and others threatened to kill us outright.

In August, the group tweeted threats against the U.S., warning, “We are in your cities.”

After Twitter officials began to actively suspend ISIS Twitter accounts, ISIS threatened to klll Twitter employees.

Terrorist Farah Mohamed Shirdon, 21, who was thought to be dead, said at the end of September, “God willing, we will make some attacks in New York soon. Mobilizing for a brilliant attack, my friend.”

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Bagdhadi promised U.S. military upon his release from a U.S. prison overseas that he would see them in New York.

Mr. Obama is putting us in danger with his willful refusal to recognize the problem and to secure our borders.

Breitbart Texas’ leaked document can be seen below.