Chicken Shop Bomber Was Setting Off Pipe Bombs in His Backyard, Unnoticed



The suspect in the New York and New Jersey bombings posted links to radical videos on social media as early as 2010, but his social media posts weren’t vetted by authorities when he received U.S. citizenship in 2011, NBC News has learned. His sister also posted radical musings; he set off pipe bombs in the family backyard days before the terror attack; and he hunkered down for six months with the Taliban.

Our government authorities, however, see no foreign connections and the FBI is under pressure to close the case according to Catherine Herridge correspondent for Fox News.

A gleeful Rahami was setting off pipe bombs in the family yard, laughing during the dry run according to prosecutors’ filings. No one saw a thing, no one called police insofar as we know. Media outlets reported the pipe bomb explosions, quoting prosecutors. Imagine if you or I set off pipe bombs in our postage stamp backyards? How long before the police would cart us away?

Didn’t anyone notice the scorched earth or hear the explosions?


Ahmad was inspired by extremists like al Qaeda and ISIS, according to writings he made in a notebook, however the government left out the reference to the ISIS leader.

Aziza Rahami, his sister, who is believed to have lived with the rest of the family above the fried chicken shop in New Jersey, is thought to have posted a series of messages in the summer of 2013 and early 2014 praising the September 11 attackers and quoting Osama bin Laden’s predecessor – a man known as “the father of global jihad,” the telegraph reported.

They all lived above the chicken shop in close quarters, Ahmad was trying out pipe bombs in the backyard, and the sister is a jihadi, but no one in the family knew a thing. No one saw anything and everyone is cooperative according to the media and government officials.

Fox News’s The Real Story had an expert on the show September 21st who said the Mosque he attended taught jihad and how to infiltrate with the intent to destroy America from within. Unfortunately, the tape can’t be found anywhere. The Mosque has ties to a fundamentalist Islamic umbrella group. Rahami, 28, attended the Muslim Community of New Jersey in Fords, according to various news reports.

Asif Hirani is the imam at the mosque and also serves as an official with the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), an umbrella group that espouses a deeply conservative version of Islam and has been linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and a radical Pakistani political group called Jamaat-e-Islami.

The sister’s ties to terrorists.

A correspondent, Emma-Kate Symons, came up with several of the sister’s posts.

U.S. intelligence sources also believe Ahmad Rahami traveled to Syria in 2013 or 2014, in addition to visiting high-risk terror areas like Quetta, Pakistan, repeatedly.

Rahami was turned in to the FBI by his father – allegedly – twice. However, the FBI said that the father insisted the son was tied to criminals not terrorists. The father was angry with him at the time after his son’s violent attack on his stepmother and brother.

The New York Times detailed the involvement by the father who said the “FBI didn’t do their job.” The FBI says the father was reporting him as a criminal, not a terrorist.


Didn’t the father notice his daugther’s leanings?

FBI officials are hamstrung by this administration.

In order to investigate, a probe must become a full criminal inquiry or be closed which limits the FBI’s ability to scrutinize troubling behavior that is not yet criminal. FBI sources recently told Catherine Herridge who reported it on the Shepherd Smith show September 21st that they are under pressure to close the Rahami case.

Foreign travel, social media and domestic law enforcement are not tied together, which is another problem.

Also, Jeh Johnson has in the past refused to allow immigration authorities to screen new immigrants by looking at their social media. A pilot program has now been started to do that. It’s a pilot program because Congress pressured them but they are not serious about it.

Then there is Barack Obama’s opportunistic interpretations of the Constitution which prevents any “profiling”, prohibiting law enforcement from scrutinizing Muslims. Also the FBI does not share information with local authorities, something George W. Bush’s administration was criticized for allowing.

“Our thinking and practices regarding domestic threats needs to radically change in this ISIS era,” a senior U.S. intelligence official told NBC News.

As a youth, Ahmad Rahami had traveled to Pakistan, and perhaps Afghanistan, as early as 2005. Rahami became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2011 without scrutiny.

NBC News has learned that U.S. officials didn’t check his social media accounts at that time.

U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News they would have found multiple links to radical jihadi videos if they had.

In 2011 he spent time in Quetta, Pakistan, which is a stronghold of the Taliban. Between 2013 and 2014, he made another trip to Pakistan, staying there for 11 months, an official said. He received a “secondary inspection” from U.S. officials on his return for all the non-good that did.

The family knew how to game the system and filed several lawsuits claiming police, neighbors and a radio host were discriminating against them because they were Muslims.

Rahami impregnated an Afghan national named Asia Bibi in Quetta – where the Taliban are entrenched – and secured DHS support to bring her in. she is now a green card holder. Both she and Ahmad’s mother beat it out of the country before the bombing.

In New Jersey, according to published accounts, an ex-girlfriend with whom he had a child took out a restraining order against Rahami in 2012. He later violated the order.

In 2012, according to a federal criminal complaint filed against him after the Chelsea bombing, Rahami applied for and received a new U.S. passport. There was again no probe of his social media.

All the while, no one knew a thing and the Rahamis will never be deported.