Obama’s American “You Didn’t Really Think It Would Be a Jobs Bill, Did You?” Act of 2011

$15 Billion for ACORN & All Their Friends

The jobs bill is online and you’re going to love it if you have a masochistic bent. I keep hearing that the NY Times is going to write a story about Obama being clinically depressed. That won’t be anything compared to the way he’s depressing us.

-$15,000,000,000, Project Rebuild (p.58) is money for ACORN, their tentacle organizations, and similar groups.

-Obama gets his infrastructure bank – an ibank called AIFA – do we really want to give him his own bank for infrastructure or anything?

-endless $$$ for the Department of Labor and HHS to build more government agencies to do things that are already under the auspices of other government agencies, such as helping people find jobs (that’s been real successful)

-payroll tax relief so the already endangered social security program can go bankrupt faster

– hiring tax credits for Veterans (I like that one)

-some tax credits for small business (insignificant but something)

-teacher and first responders stabilization (Don’t you love their verbiage? It means some union members will keep their jobs one more year, but this is not a plan to build jobs.

-school modernization, so I guess those buildings that haven’t be touched since the Civil War will finally get plumbing. We’re even modernizing community colleges.

-all kinds of unemployment insurance, not much of a job creator so far.

-at a time when the EPA is killing, deliberately killing, oil, gas, and coal with expensive regulations and rules, the government will pull all their subsidies. That should make energy unaffordable as Obama promised three years ago.

-no deductions for the evil corporate jets. That was number one on my list while we are paying for studies on Chinese prostitutes in China and shrimp behavior on treadmills.

-lots more agencies to help minorities get jobs. Why don’t they just give them the money. It would be more useful than blowing it on these agencies.

-some things for sue-happy lawyers. New anti-bigotry rules that could add some lawsuits against employers. It’s easier for employers to just not add employees.

-rebuild America with American everything, I’m sure this will include union labor. Maybe Obama should convince Immelt to keep our jet technology in America.

-Obama is going to tell the deficit committee to cut more than $1.5 trillion to help pay for this “fee-laden” bill. This has tons of taxes in it. It takes away “loopholes” for the “rich.” Loopholes are legal, by the way, they are actually deductions for those who pay most of the taxes that keep our government afloat.

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