Obama’s an Awesome Negotiator, Ask Bowe Bergdahl


We traded five Taliban terrorists and paid $5 million for Bergdahl even though we claim we don’t pay ransoms.

Deserter Bowe Bergdahl will probably get away with deserting and possibly aiding and abetting the enemy. Not only will he get away with it, he will get to keep the pay he didn’t earn while he was a deserter.

Col. Hunt and Lt. Col. Schaefer appeared on The O’Reilly Show Thursday night and said that their sources tell them the Pentagon found that Bergdahl was a deserter but he will only receive a general discharge or something along those lines.

Col. Hunt expects the report of the secret Pentagon investigation into Bergdahl to be released on a Friday dump day, possibly January 16th.

The Army has no way to retrieve the $300,000 in back pay he received.

Mr. Obama traded five high risk Taliban terrorists for this deserter and paid $5 million dollars ransom.

They welcomed the parents of Bergdahl into the Rose Garden for a speech lauding the exchange.

Bergdahl cost men their lives and others were wounded as they searched for him while he eluded capture and allegedly hunted for the Taliban to join them.

Jon Hammer and Andrew Tahmooressi served their country honorably, were not bailed out by Obama and are left with PTSD and debt after imprisonment in Mexican jails.

There is still a fair amount of conjecture here so let’s hope Mr. Obama surprises us.

At 00:56, Lt. Col. Schaeffer says that Obama paid $5 million for Bergdahl in addition to trading him for five Taliban terrorists: