Obama’s Attack on the Church – The Mark of a Tyrant



KrisAnne Hall

KrisAnne is a constitutional lawyer!

By KrisAnne Hall 

February 13, 2012

An understanding of history is the only thing that can illuminate our understanding of religious liberty.  Our ignorance of history (not to mention a dangerous level of apathy) is allowing a tyrant to erode the liberty that people of faith have enjoyed for over two centuries.  We believe that we have moved beyond the days of kings and serfs, yet here we are, repeating the very history our forefathers attempted to prevent us from repeating. It is exactly the same show that was played out again and again throughout the English history that gave us our founding documents, just different characters.  The current tyrannical King of America is forcing the church to succumb to the rule of the sovereign in opposition to the dictates of conscience. Repeating what occurred in 1066, in 1213, in 1628, in 1641, and in 1689.  Journey with me, as we roll back the clock and watch the parallels unfold…http://www.KrisAnneHall.com