Obama’s Big Labor Thugs Marching December 1st


We love union and non-union workers at the Independent Sentinel. We do NOT love union thug leaders.

The AFL-CIO is marching again to protest the 1% and support the 99%.

Personally, I am the 53% who actually works to support the other 47% who don’t pay income taxes. I think my case is stronger.

The AFL-CIO is looking for jobs and economic fairness (redistribution of wealth). The march, billed as We Are One, will begin on Fifth and Broadway, but they will also be marching nationwide in most major cities.

The goal is to foment social unrest and to promote Obama’s agenda for re-election. We have a President who divides and conquers using thugs.

Last year, they were joined by every Communist and Socialist group as well as far left groups representing every imagineable issue.

They stand tall with the OWS they proclaim, that would be the same OWS who defiled Zuccotti Park while engaging in open sex, rape, theft, and rapacious drug use.

They are offering the flyers in Spanish, encouraging illegals to march

As they go down Fifth and Broadway, look for the extremists. They will be there.

This is one excerpt straight from Communist Party USA, supporters of Obama and Trumka.

This report was presented to the CPUSA National Committee meeting, Nov. 12-13, 2011.

Part one: Strategy and tactics in this moment

The resounding vote that affirmed collective bargaining rights for public workers in Ohio sets the tone and contains many lessons for the 2012 elections, just one year out from now.  Congratulations Ohio!

The impact of years of corporate profit gouging is giving way to a new level of fight back and activism in our country and internationally as well. The 99% are saying, “Enough is enough!”

Since the 2010 election in which Tea Party Republican candidates won contests for Governors and for Congress, the class war has become more vicious against working people while, at the same time, at the grassroots class consciousness has been raised and the fight back to tax the rich and protect worker’s rights has strengthened.

From the moment Barack Obama was elected President by a broad alliance and cross section of the electorate, the corporate driven and lavishly funded extreme right-wing went on a rampage, blocking basic legislation that can bring the country out of economic crisis, and attempting to take back every progressive gain from the New Deal to the Civil Rights movement.

Therefore, the struggle in which we are engaged is a struggle to protect and expand basic democratic rights. To win this sharp battle will take unbreakable unity by all democratic minded people, and especially from the labor movement, racially oppressed, women and youth – the core forces for social change.

The extreme wealth gap and resulting unemployment, homelessness and lack of educational opportunity has also brought a growing number of people to search for new avenues of independent political expression, and for some, to question the capitalist system.

We are in a unique position to engage in this discussion because of our vision for fundamental change and our historical experience, which teaches us that the grave dangers posed by the extreme right wing can become reality unless there is full unity to defeat them.

Our approach to the 2012 elections is a big responsibility. A key aspect must be to sound the alarm and expose the objectives of the Republicans, which are dominated by Tea Party politics. Whatever populist rhetoric is used, these are the policies of the strongest sectors of the ruling class including finance, the military industrial complex and energy.

Richard Trumka, president of the AFL CIO, expressed the outrage felt by millions this week when Republicans called for a permanent extension of the Bush tax cuts for the super rich.

On May 5th of this year,  the “We Are One” campaign the AFL-CIO adopted received extra formal help from its comrades with the Communist Party USA:

The fight for jobs, and for the unemployed, is central to any economic recovery and to any forward motion for a people’s agenda. With this in mind, last week the national board of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) took steps to beef up its work on the economic crisis.

“Labor, civil rights, women, youth and all the progressive core forces in our country are now moving to place the fight for jobs and the unemployed front and center on their agenda,” said Sam Webb, chair of the CPUSA, “We have to pay particular attention to the working-class communities hardest hit, especially African American, Latino, and immigrant communities. And unemployment for youth is staggering.”

He proposed that the national board establish a jobs committee of party activists to help coordinate and develop the work at all levels with special attention to party clubs and districts. Scott Marshall, chair of the CPUSA’s labor commission was asked to chair the new committee.

The board hailed the establishment the  Jobs for America Now national coalition andthe AFL-CIO’s five point program for economic recovery and jobs.

“This is exactly the broad national coalition framework needed for this fight,” said Marshall. The board pointed out that there are literally thousands of efforts and projects at the grassroots level led by local unions and union unemployed committees, community groups, retiree organizations, churches and central labor councils around the country. These efforts include not only advocacy and legislative efforts, but also food pantries, homeless shelters and job counseling and training efforts.