Obama’s Campaign Workers, the OWS, Stealing From God



West Park Presbyterian Church

Render to Caesar, the things that are Caesar’s and to Obama, the things that are God’s

~ Variation of quote by Jesus Christ

Obama’s campaign workers, the OWS, continue to steal from God. The OWS are entitled you see. They don’t have to earn a thing and it doesn’t matter whose stuff they take. Churches and synagogues that offered them charity and lodging were victimized by recent OWS thefts because the OWS think they are entitled to everybody else’s stuff. It’s the socialist way.

When the Rev. Bob Brashear prepared for Sunday services at West Park Presbyterian Church on West 86th Street, he noticed parts of the bronze baptismal font were gone.

In a fire-and-brimstone message to occupiers later that day, he thundered, “It was like pissing on the 99 percent.”

In Brooklyn, at another church housing OWS protesters, an occupier urinated on a cross, according to Rabbi Chaim Gruber, who has angrily abandoned the OWS movement.

BOWLED OVER: The Rev. Bob Brashear displays the baptismal font that was vandalized last week at West Park Church.
West Park Presbyterian Church on West 86th Street.

In a letter last week to OWS obtained by The Post, the rabbi fumed, “The Park Slope church housing occupiers was desecrated when an occupier peed inside the building and the pee came into contact with a cross.”

The pastor of the church did not return calls.

At West Park, Rev. Brashear walked into the church for a morning service to find the 18-inch-diameter bronze basin and lid missing from the baptismal font’s 800-pound base. Holy water — straight from the River Jordan — had been poured from the missing basin insert into the base’s bowl.

About 60 occupiers had rolled out their sleeping bags between the pews the night before as part of their evening ritual, Rev. Brashear recalled. When they returned to the church later, following the pastor’s discovery, he issued a stern warning: “You have 24 hours to find it and to come up with an amends and to come up with a plan. ‘I’m sorry and it won’t happen again’ won’t work,” he scolded…Read more: NY Post