Obama’s Campaign Workers Threaten Port of Longview – Obama Had to Call Out the Coast Guard

Past Protest at Port of Longview

Obama had to call out the U.S. Coast Guard to protect the Port of Longview from Obama’s own campaign workers, the occupiers.

The Occupiers have united with a local union, the ILWU, for a massive protest which threatens the loading and unloading of grain shipments. The Coast Guard will have to escort the shipments.

ILWU has been very unhappy about the lease agreement with the Port of Longview which requires the company to hire Local 21 members to work inside the terminal. EGT (terminal) officials disagree and instead hired a Federal Way-based contractor who employ union operating engineers from Oregon and Southwest Washington.

The business is going to another union. It’s not even a case of them trying to do anything to harm unions. The Port is trying to make money, that’s it. The matter is under litigation.

The occupiers issue is that they are simply crazy.

The Occupiers are intent on blocking commerce and some ILWU members will join their protest.

These are the people our President supports, just so you know. Read more: TDN News